Buckaroo Club

The Buckaroo Club program was established February 1998 as a way of mentoring youth under 18 years old to learn and perform
Texas heritage music deriving from the cattle ranching culture.  Coordinated by "Yodeling Queen" Janet McBride and assisted by CTO Talent Coordinator Devon Dawson, the Buckaroo Club meets on the second Sunday of each month.  Buckaroos receive exposure to great, historic western music, Texas history lessons, advice and practice on acoustic guitar, personalized yodeling instruction from Janet, and performance practice in front of a live audience.  Janet provides copies from her extensive private collection of old recordings of the great old cowboy music unfamiliar to many of the Buckaroos.  Qualified Buckaroos receive opportunity to perform at various other events throughout the year (including Cowtown Opry's annual Gala) and may apply for Cowtown Opry's annual scholarship award.


Upon paying your dues ($25 individual, $40 family) and becoming a member, you will be expected to
1)  Attend Cowtown Opry Buckaroo Club at 131 E. Exchange Ave. Ste #140, Fort Worth, Texas on the second Sunday of each month, arriving at 1:30 pm, ready to practice at 2:00 pm and perform at 3:00 pm.  (Attendance every Buckaroo Sunday is only required for those Buckaroos expecting to be invited to outside performance opportunities and to be applying for scholarship award.) (Vacation and sickness absences are understood and can be made up by other performance opportunities to be provided by Janet and Devon.)
2)  Dress in official Cowtown Opry attire:  long sleeve white shirt, red bandana, blue jeans or blue jean skirt, western boots, and western hat.  (No ball caps, t-shirts, sandals, athletic shoes, etc.)
3)  Come prepared to sing one song (have it memorized).  Song choice must be wholesome, age appropriate and have a Texas or historic connection.  Several days before performance, please email Janet that you will attend and what song you are prepared to sing.


By appointment, introductory instruction is available to you at 1:00 on Buckaroo Sundays for the following:
1)  Yodeling:  Janet McBride
2)  Basic Guitar Chords:  Janet McBride
3)  Swing Guitar (for advanced Buckaroos only):  Devon Dawson
4)  Voice (for 12 years old and up):  Judy James
5)  Stand- up Bass:  Teresa Walton
6)  Accordian:  Phil St Marie

Our goal is to encourage Buckaroos to want to perform!  For those who want more than to just perform on Buckaroo Sundays, we have other opportunities available!

CTO Saddle Pals:  You will be invited (by Devon) to perform on the Saddle Pals performances on other Sundays when you:
1)  Know at least 3 songs (at least one appropriate to the Sunday theme)
2)  Know your key
3)  Know your song
4)  Have your timing down
5)  Stay on key
6)  Be able to perform with adults without rehersal

Outside performance opportunities will be provided for Buckaroos who:
1)  Are active participants of Buckaroo Sundays (attend 11 or more Buckaroo Sundays a year, allowing for sickness or vacation)
2)  Have a minimum of 2 songs perfected and approved (only 1 song for children under 8)


Cowtown Opry offers the opportunity for all Buckaroos to qualify to apply for the CTO Lone Star Heritage Music Scholarship!  Once a year at the CTO Texas Independence Day Gala, Cowtown Opry awards up to five $150 music scholarships and one $500 college scholarship to qualified Buckaroos.  To receive a scholarship, you must:
1)  Be in good standing for current year (have dues paid).
2)  Have attended a minimum of 12 Cowtwon Opry events during the year ( you must keep a record of all events you attend outside of Buckaroo Sundays, participation dates must be listed on application.)


For more information about the Buckaroo Club, please call
Janet McBride (972) 564-0462  Buckaroo Coordinator
Devon Dawson (817) 366-9675 Talent Coordinator
Sonya Howeth (214) 532-8010  Chairman
Buckaroo photograph by Lori Faith Merritt,
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